In celebration of the 250th anniversary of Ellicott City, Howard County Center for the Arts Resident Artist Lisa Scarbath is creating a large-scale community sourced mosaic to be displayed in the spring of 2022. The history, personality, and culture of our city will be depicted by incorporating physical pieces of our community’s experience into an artwork for all to enjoy.

Ellicott City’s history is rich with examples of innovation, diversity, change and unfortunate tragedy. The most enduring story, however, is about its resiliency. Over time, the historic district and its surrounding community have proven their ability to change, evolve and flourish. From mill town origins to the current mix of eclectic shops, restaurants and small businesses, Ellicott City is a unique American Main Street that has continued to thrive despite economic downturns and catastrophic floods.

Local residents, as well as anyone who has a connection to the town, are invited to be a pART of this art project by contributing a piece of their own Ellicott City story to be included in the mosaic. Please consider sending a small token that symbolizes why Ellicott City is important to you, such as pebble from your driveway, a broken plate from a past celebration, a memento from a loved one or perhaps a fragment of something that survived one of our recent floods. The items should not be expensive or precious as they will not be returned. The most important aspect is that it tells your story!

Here are the details along with some guidelines:

What do I send? Can I send anything? Yes, be creative! Durable materials such as rocks, ceramic, glass, and metal are the most desirable. Please do not send anything biodegradable (flowers, food, etc). The items you send may be cut, trimmed or otherwise altered in order to incorporate them into the artwork. The artist will try to use all the items that are sent. Please be advised that since the pieces will be a permanent part of the mosaic artwork, they will not be returned.

What size should it be? It can be as small as you like, but no larger than your fist.

Where do I send/deliver my piece(s)? Lisa Scarbath, Howard County Center for the Arts, Studio 7C, 8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043 (if delivering in person, please check for public hours)

When is the deadline? October 1, 2021, MOST IMPORTANTLY – you MUST include a sentence or two about the piece(s) you are sending! The artist will be weaving the stories together for all to experience.

Remember to include your contact information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa at