Below is one of the many lovely trees in our neighborhood. On a fall day with the bright sun hitting on them, is usually followed with the remark “look at that beautiful tree”.
Once the leaves fall problems can occur. Please care for the leaves and keep the storm drains clean.

As the leaves fall, Howard County’s Department of Public Works is asking residents for help in keeping our storm drains clear of debris. This will not only help in preventing clogs, it will also aid in protecting local waterways.
“Residents can help protect their property and the Chesapeake Bay by keeping leaves and other yard debris out of our roadways,” said Jim Irvin, Director of the Department of Public Works. “They can clog a storm drain. That can cause a road to flood during heavy rain. When leaves and yard debris decompose, that causes nutrients to leech into our waterways, which causes algae and can kill fish and other marine life.”

Click here for Storm Drain management Information.