Did you know we have 2 small cemeteries in our neighborhood? The cemetery that most people know about, it is located across from the fire department. It is known as the Fuller-Kane-Smith Cemetery.

This cemetery is located on Route 99, across the street from the Howard County Fire Station. There are 12 memorials. 4 family names are on the stones, Fuller, Kane, Smith and Snowden. The oldest burial dates back to 1890, most recent 1932. Some of the stones in this cemetery are hard to read and falling over.

Tip: do not attempt upright or move the stones. The stones can be fragile and easily break, in addition they are heavy and you could hurt yourself.

The other cemetery that is not as oblivious is located on the east side of MacKenzie Lane, north of the intersection of St John’s Lane & Old Frederick Road.It is referred to as McKenzie Gravestones and is the remnant of a family burying ground, moved to the present site from its original location on the farm of John W MacKenzie . Called ‘MacKenzie’s Neglect’ the property was the site of a blacksmith shop and overnight ‘stop-over’ for travelers on the road from Hollofield to Frederick.

The cemetery has 3 graves. David, Sarah and daughter Ruth are all buried in this cemetery in the late 1800’s.

The MacKenzie’s have deep roots in Maryland history, for more information on the McKenzie’s please review the links below. You will find the history of the McKenzie’s and their property. This includes the family tree, land records, documents, obituaries and photos.

David MacKenzie
Sarah MacKenzie
History of the family

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