It was mid-day and I was having lunch when I caught something out of the corner of my eye, it was moving through the backyard. What was it? I was not sure. It must have been 5 feet tall. It was not a deer, the ears were too big. I went out to track it down.

As I walked through the neighborhood everyone was talking about it, one man said it looked like a big rabbit. A young lady told me it was carrying a large colorful basket. I was scratching my head; this makes no sense….. It was then, a lovely little girl in a beautiful spring outfit came up to me and said “It’s the Easter Bunny and he is going over to Mount Hebron Presbyterian Church to hide eggs”.

I grabbed my camera and headed to the church, below are a few pictures.

The Board of Mount Hebron Orchard Community Association would like to thank the Easter Bunny and all the helpers for making the Easter Egg Hunt a great success.