Howard County Executive Calvin Ball released the Spending Affordability Advisory Committee’s (SAAC) Report for the Fiscal Year 2022 (FY 2022). The Committee is tasked with making recommendations to the County Executive on revenue projections, General Obligation bond authorizations, long-term fiscal outlook, and County revenue and spending patterns. Ball launched the SAAC ahead of schedule in November 2020, providing the Committee additional time to review the unique economic circumstances amid the COVID-19 pandemic.     

“We’re facing a challenging economic outlook amid the ongoing pandemic, with a $64 million operating budget shortfall and growing debt service payments that constrain our ability to absorb new debt or fund other operating needs. I encourage all our residents to read the SAAC report to fully understand Howard County’s limitations as we prepare our FY 2022 budget,” said Ball. “I appreciate the time and effort of all the members of the Spending Affordability Advisory Committee and the important insight they provide to our budget process. We have tough fiscal choices ahead of us, and we are going to need to decide on our priorities as a community.”   

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