I heard sirens and air horns going off today, when I looked out the window I saw flashing red lights. A fire engine was going down the street….. Wait there was also a Red Sleigh and a man and woman dressed in red…. Could it be…Yes, it was Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were taking time away from their busy schedule to visit boys and girls and hear their requests.

The Ellicott City VFD was helping Santa get around, making announcements of his arrival and locations. They said lots of good boys and girls out today.

I was able to ask Santa and Mrs. Claus and ask if they had any message to share with our neighborhood.

    Mrs. Claus “Wish everyone a Merry Christmas”
    Santa said ‚ÄúSanta likes a clean Chimney”

Special thanks to Ellicott City VFD for helping Santa and Mrs. Claus get around.