Items discussed at meeting:

    New signs to communicate upcoming meetings
    Overcrowding at Mount Hebron High.
    Route 99 and traffic.
    Speeding in neighborhood
    Santa’s visit and holiday house decorating

A forum was held with 8 Board of Education Candidates
The following candidates were present.

    Sabina Taj
    Chao Wu
    Jen Mallo
    Bob Glascock
    Robert Miller
    Anita Pandey
    Danny Mackey
    Vicky Cutroneo

They answered the following questions:

    How to get the school board back on track to be respectable and creditable?
    What would you do for students not college bound, would you bring back Vo Tech?
    Would you answer Yes or No to the AAC redistricting plan previously presented? How would you deal with overcrowding?
    Is there a way to care for alternative parking at Mount Hebron High?
    What would you do to make schools safe?
    How long would need to serve and what needs to be done to accomplish your changes.
    What is the most important major change that you would advocate for that the current board has not accomplished?

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