Survey Purpose
The purpose of this survey is to gauge public support for projects the County is proposing to include in the FY 2019 Priority Letter. If you would like to review previous Priority Letters from Howard County or other jurisdictions, please click here. Some of the projects included in past Priority Letters have received funding or support from MDOT and therefore will automatically be included in the FY 2019 Priority Letter to indicate the desire for continued support until they are completed.

These projects are:
•Widening of US 29 from Seneca Drive to MD 175
•MD 32 Corridor Improvements •Phase 1: Dualization of MD 32 from MD 108 to Linden Church Road
•Phase 2: Linden Church Road to I-70, including MD 32/MD 144 intersection improvements
•Phase 3: Evaluation of the widening MD 32 north of I-70 to the Carroll County line

•Design and construction improvements at the US 1 and Kit Kat Road Intersection
•US 29: Bus Rapid Transit. Planning for enhanced express bus service to Silver Spring along the US 29 BRT corridor

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