It’s that time of year, everyone wants to spring clean. When getting ready for summer remember to do it safely. Here are a few reminders.

• Use secure ladders, don’t use chairs for climbing.
• Lift bending your knees and lifting with your legs rather than your back.
• If you didn’t check or change your batteries with the time change, now is the perfect time to check and replace.
• Clean out medicine cabinet of unused or expired drugs. You can dispose of unneeded or expired medication safely and anonymously. Open daily year round at Northern District Station (3410 Courthouse Drive in Ellicott City)
• Check your First Aid Kit
• Turn your outside faucets on, watch out for cold spring nights that may cause frozen pipes — or pipes that froze during the winter.
• Watch out for pests, spiders, ticks.
• Understand the chemicals you are using.
• Wear Protection for eye, nose, mouth and skin
• Keep kids and pets in mind, don’t leave products unattended.
• Warmer weather also means children playing outside, increasing your awareness.
• Remember to take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.
• Get help for moving heavy items.

Most of all have fun.

Mount Hebron Orchards Community Association would like to wish everyone a safe and fun spring and summer.